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        HAQI Smart Exhibition Grab AI+Human Settlement Race at Shanghai Smart Home Exhibition

        Author:深圳市凌寶電子有限公司 Click: Time:2019-09-07 10:08:23

        From September 3 to 5, the 2019 Shanghai Smart Home Exhibition (SSHT) opens in the grand curtain of the new Shanghai International Expo Center.The Hatch Smart Brand of Dog Robot, which carries Smart Home, Indoor/Outdoor Robots, Smart Vision and AIoT product line, shows all-round products and solutions of the smart community, and builds the "AI+Habitat" mode of smart life.

        With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things, big data and cloud platforms, new technologies, new services and market demand increase dramatically, smart home has gradually become a new core of people's lives.In order to achieve smart life, in addition to smart hardware development, market participants and industry upstream and downstream need to explore a larger layout, to deeply present the rationality of scene application.Hatchie Intelligence is trying to enhance the user's scene experience from "Whole House Intelligence" to "Community Intelligence" through products, services and solutions.

        Indoor: the immersive experience of smart home

        As an innovative brand in the field of smart community, Hatchie Intelligence is not satisfied with "single product intelligence". This smart home show brings a set of interconnected products, presenting the "AI+Habitat" smart family, restoring the real smart space around users, and enhancing the intuitive experience.The Belt Series Scene Panel and Switch Panel Family added the Elegant and Brilliant Series in 2019. In addition to simulating the "Whole House Intelligence" effect, this Smart Home Show brings the effects of controlling lights, air conditioning, curtains, etc. It also provides the panel walls of products controlled and switched in the series to facilitate the immersion experience of the audience.

        "Mirroring" located behind toilet wash glass and wardrobe test mirror, provides more applications and services for home users in daily washing and changing clothes.In addition to weather, transportation, logistics information reminders, smart health monitoring can also be used to monitor the owner's weight, body fat rate and other dimensions of data. In the future, food and beverage providers can be jointly provided to provide different types of meals for owners, such as fitness packs, weight loss packs, and so on, to enhance the owner's experience of weight loss, fitness, and shape.

        As an entry product for smart families, AIoT has created the smart screen-less touch projection puppy cube in China.This product projectes a virtual 23-inch screen and integrates the control mode of the whole set of smart home products into the interface, making it easy for users to control the smart home in any room from the sound interaction and touch interaction.

        Zhang Xuejing, General Manager of Dog Robot Smart Home and Smart Space Business Department, introduced that AI will ultimately help Smart Home get rid of its initial tool-level applications, achieve a better understanding of users, and operate a more detailed "living" scene. This requires linking multi-dimensional information to get through all aspects of life applications, in addition to products and services, mining user dataIt will be fuller.

        For the application of health data, Hatchie Intelligence also provides the indoor health service robot Hachi bingo, which tries to make home health and old-age health services a basic supporting set.According to the personalized needs of users, Hachi bingo equipped with real-time smart remote control and smart health and safety technology, monitors and records the user's temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen content and other indexes, and manages the health data of all family members through face recognition technology.At the same time, Hachi bingo can also use the built-in high-precision camera to achieve interrogation, health consultation, and provide a series of basic medical and health services.

        Hatchie Intelligence has noticed the smart community in the old-age property market level, many of Hachi bingo's personalized functions can be replicated to the field of old-age property, providing personalized health management services.For example, the built-in smart medicine box is convenient for reminding the elderly to take medicine on time; based on its own smart vision technology, it monitors the unfortunate occurrence of falls, faints and other unexpected conditions of the elderly and alarms them, and quickly launches medical assistance.These functional features will greatly reduce the personnel costs of pension real estate, focus on more effective nutrition, care, rehabilitation, entertainment, and enhance the well-being of older users.

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